21-127 Concepts of Mathematics (Summer 1 2014)

Instructor: Sebastien Vasey
Office: Wean Hall 7108
Email: sebv (at) cmu (dot) edu
Office hours: Mon: 10AM-11AM, Wed: 6PM-7PM, Thu: 3PM-5PM, Fri: 10AM-11AM
Lectures: MTWRF 01:30PM-02:50PM WEH 4623

Grader: Ryan Murray
Office: Wean Hall 7209
Email: rwmurray (at) andrew (dot) cmu (dot) edu
Office hours: Tue: 3PM-5PM

News / Announcements

Lecture notes

I am writing my own lecture notes for the course. They are no substitute for attending lectures, but you are advised to read them as the course goes on.

You can download them from here: Lecture notes.

They are a work in progress and will be updated many times throughout the semester. If you see a mistake or a typo, please let me know (you may even get some extra credit).


Assignments will be posted here.

Practice exercises

The following are additional exercises that are completely optional. They range from very easy to very hard, and are listed in no particular order. Please ask me if you get stuck on one of them, or need solutions.

You can also practice on a sample midterm.

Here is a sample final.

Other course documents

Other resources